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Our History

65 Years of Excellence

 A lot has happened in 60 Years!

1947- C-Thru opens its doors as C-Thru Aluminum Awning Company in Los Angeles, CA. The name "C-Thru" comes from the fact that this was the first window awning that was made with louvers, so you could "see through" it while protecting your windows from the elements. Stan Albany patented the "Flip 'N Snap" awning system, that made installation quick and easy.

1954- C-Thru's operation moves to Sacramento, CA. C-Thru continues to manufacture aluminum awnings. The company ventures into more lifestyle products, planting the seed for companies like Genie Garage Door Openers.

1964- C-Thru pioneers the Structural Aluminum Patio Cover. Before this time, patio covers were made from many parts and pieces and bolted to a separate structural frame, which made a patio cover into a 1-week project. The Structural Patio Cover uses the pan of the roof and the gutter to support the structure itself, thereby drastically reducing installation times.

1966- C-Thru establishes the Western Awning Association (WAA) to set up codes and guidelines for the manufacturing and installation of awnings. The WAA eventually becomes the National Patio Enclosure Association. C-Thru also moves its operation back to Southern California, in the city of Long Beach.

1972- C-Thru moves its operation from Long Beach to Fullerton, CA.

1978- C-Thru begins to use glass windows in its patio enclosures. C-Thru is successfully able to manufacture dual glass insulated window units, which achieve the highest ratings from ALI Laboratories.

1981- C-Thru patents the first UL Listed integrated electrical raceway system into its patio enclosure.

1984- In October, C-Thru unveils the curved eave sunroom (or "solarium"), which becomes a huge hit among C-Thru Dealers. This product line was kept a secret until its unveiling at the Los Angeles County Fair and catches the industry completely by surprise. C-Thru reaps the benefits of this new product for years to come.

1986- C-Thru opens a second factory in Riverside, CA. The facility is built from the ground up and fitted with state of the art machinery.

1988 C-Thru consolidates its operation into the Riverside, CA facility.

1992- The patio enclosure market experiences an influx of competitors, which dramatically reduces the price of patio enclosures. Many companies are forced to close their doors, as they can't afford to stay in business. C-Thru simplifies the construction and manufacturing of its components and remains competitive. C-Thru also ventures into the lattice cover market.

1999- C-Thru re-evaluates its position in the market and decides to regain its role as the innovator of the industry. C-Thru unveils the Omega (vinyl window) product line. At this point it was unheard of to put vinyl windows into a patio room. C-Thru once again shocks the industry and introduces a product that is light years ahead in terms of functionality and practicality.

2003- C-Thru expands on its vision to be the finest sunroom supplier in the industry. Numerous product enhancements and marketing efforts give way to a highly evolved product offering and an expanded service staff.

2006- C-Thru opens its Regional Training Facility in the Southeast.

Today- C-Thru continues to refine its products and manufacturing processes in order to provide our customers with a quality product at an affordable price. C-Thru continues to incorporate the latest technologies and innovations into our sunrooms, patio covers, windows and doors in order to enhance our customers' lifestyles. So what's next? You'll have to wait and see.

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