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Alpha & Omega

It's your home!
Add a sunroom that best suits your lifestyle and budget!
Whether your looking for a cost effective dream space or the ultimate customization of elegance, C-Thru offers its Alpha™ and Omega™ sunrooms to fit every budget and home style. C-Thru has a variety of roofs, doors, walls, and customization options and configurations that will truly make your room perfect for your daily living. Your local authorized C-Thru Dealer can tell you more and provide you with a face-to-face demonstration of all the features that are built into C-Thru's line of sunrooms. Until then, feel free to read on and become familiar with our sunrooms and how they can change your lifestyle all year round.
The Alpha Line
 The Alpha™ sunroom line is our original C-Thru sunroom. It consists of our 3 1/2” thick aluminum wall system we developed back in the 1960's. Even though many refinements have been made to the product over the years, its concept remains the same. It's designed for a cost efficient alternative to adding a sunroom to your home. Since it's our most economical sunroom line, it does not come with as many options as our Omega™ sunroom line. For example, our Alpha™ sunrooms do not offer our thermal cladding system. 

If an Alpha™ sunroom doesn't "fit your fancy" and your looking for a sunroom that might surpass the quality and energy efficiency of your home, Omega™ is the sunroom you'll want. You can find out more about our Omega™ sunrooms below.


The Omega Line 
A lot has changed over the past 50 years in regarding to building materials and energy efficiency technology. With this efficiency and technology change, our Omega™ sunroom line was born. Having a 4" thick wall system, Omega™ sunrooms are designed to equal or surpass the quality and energy efficiency of your home. Not only is it capable of exceeding your home, it's well equipped to make it the most energy efficient sunroom on the market today! It is affordable and brings the "Best Value" to all home owners. Like its name suggests the Omega™ sunroom line is "the ultimate". Refined and beautiful, its appearance is unlike any other sunroom before it. Due to its Thermal Cladding system all visible screws and caulking are covered. With Omega™ all windows and doors are Vinyl and are NFRC rated and AAMA approved. If that doesn't make you a believer already, the style and elegance of its Curved and Straight Eaves will definitely have you saying "Omega is the right choice for me."
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